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2021 Meeting Schedule
Town Board

January 57:00pm
February 27:00pm
March 97:00pm
April 137:00pm
May 177:00pm
June 8 (TOWN HALL)6:30pm
June 8 (Joint Finance Meeting)7:00pm
July 137:00pm
August 107:00pm
September 147:00pm
October 127:00pm
November 97:00pm
December 147:00pm

2021 Meeting Schedule
Finance Committee

January 56:00pm
February 26:00pm
March 96:00pm
April 136:00pm
May 176:00pm
June 8 (Joint Board Meeting)7:00pm
July 136:00pm
August 106:00pm
September 146:00pm
October 126:00pm
November 96:00pm
December 146:00pm


Current Agendas and Minutes
Board Meeting Archives
Finance Committee Agendas and Minutes
Budget and Levy Ordinances
Monthly Financial Reports (coming soon)
Salary Information (PA 97-069) (coming soon)
Supervisor Annual Financial
Statements (coming soon)
Annual Financial Audit Reports
Annual Town Hall Meetings
Bids and Proposals (coming soon)
Township Policies (coming soon)
Compiled Ordinances (coming soon)
YouTube Board Meeting Channel
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