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Avon Township consists of Grayslake, Hainesville, Third Lake, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, and Round Lake Park. 

A message from Cynthia Brust, Avon Township Assessor

It’s TAX Time…. Lake County Property Tax Bills

Lake County Property Tax bills will be mailed May 1st and should be received by the end of the week.  The tax bill is payable in two (2) equal installments. The first (1st) installment due:  June 5th and the second (2nd) installment September 5th.  Please note, Lake County residents receive one (1) tax bill for both installments envelopes included.

This Tax bill is based off the blue assessment notice you received/published September 7th, 2023, which is payable in June and September 2024.  The appeal process was CLOSED (October 9th, 2023).

By law, only factual errors and exemption corrections can be made once the bills go out.  Contact my office if so (847) 546-2146. This can be done before the 1st payment is made so the Treasurer can correct the 2nd payment.

Property owners who DO NOT receive a bill, or those looking for payment options, contact the Treasurer’s Office at    (847) 377-2323 for information or online Lake County Treasurer or see below.

You CAN NOT Pay your taxes at the Assessor’s Office


1.     Online Payments : Online payments are only available during a portion of the tax collection period. Credit Card (2.35% Fee)
2.     Pay By Phone : Learn how to pay for your property bill over the phone with e-Check (no fee) or Credit Card (2.35% Fee).
3.     At Local Bank : Check out a list of local banks that will accept payments.  They DO NOT accept late payments.
4.     Automatic Withdrawal : Read about how to request automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account.
5.     By Mail : Find out how to pay your property bill by mail and tips on how to avoid late payments.
6.     Drop Box Location : The drop box is only available from when the bills are mailed through the 2nd installment due date.
7.     In Person : Check out how to pay in person for your property tax bill.
8.     Partial Payments : As a courtesy to Lake County taxpayers, partial payments will be accepted for the current year’s taxes.
9.     Pre-Payments : Payments are accepted for the next year.

Check your Exemptions

EXEMPTIONS REDUCE YOUR ASSESSMENT BEFORE THE TAX RATE IS APPLIED.  The most common exemptions are: General Homestead, Senior Homestead, Senior Assessment Freeze and Home Improvement Exemption.  On the bottom right side of the tax bills is the computation ladder.  Look for the deductions applied in this area.  Please contact my office if you believe you are missing as exemption. (847) 546-2146

Taxes are Increasing

With the current rate of inflation, taxing bodies are allowed to increase their spending.  Illinois Property Tax Extension and Limitation Law (PTELL) allows for an increase in spending at the current inflation rate or 5% whichever is less.  For this tax year the increase. While it was hoped that spending would not increase at that rate, it may not be the case. 

Office is Open for help

Avon Township Assessor’s Office is open to the public.  We can assist residents during

Normal business hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 4:00pm & Friday 8:30am – 2pm.   

Summer Hours:

Starting the Friday before Memorial Day – Labor Day: Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 4:00pm & Friday 8:30am – NOON. 

Additionally, taxpayers can phone or email regarding assessment, real estate taxes and exemption questions.

Lake County Website for Property Information

  • Assessment, Real Estate Taxes, and Property Tax Extension data

On December 5th, 2023, I was appointed to serve as Avon Township Assessor after the previous Assessor vacated the position.

The Avon Township Assessor establishes value on all parcels of property within the township. The assessor does NOT tax your property. The assessor does NOT collect taxes.  The assessed values are determined by the market. The assessor finds the assessed value (33.33% of market value), as the numbers change regularly and are determined by the sales. The assessor’s valuations are used by other governmental entities (taxing bodies) to levy their budget against the assessments.

The law requires that the assessment be uniform according to value, so that each property owner is paying their fair share of the overall tax burden, no more or no less. My office is responsible for assessing over 25,000 parcels of real property, including residential, farm, and commercial property. In addition to property assessments, we handle other issues relating to real property in Avon Township, such as processing property tax freezes for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. These are called exemptions.

There are different types of exemptions that either reduce or defer the equalized value of your property. The net effect of these exemptions is to lower the assessed valuation, to which the tax rate is then applied. The qualifications and application procedures vary for each program. However, you must own the property, and it must be your primary residence, to qualify for any of these exemptions. If you have multiple properties, only your primary residence (where you live) may receive an exemption. Please notify us if you are receiving any exemptions on your other properties. The Chief Assessor’s Office has the authority to recapture taxable value in instances where property owners have received exemptions inappropriately. The qualifications vary for each exemption. You can apply online via Smart E-File or contact our office.

If you have any questions concerning your property’s assessed value, contact by email @ [email protected] 

or Call:  

Cynthia Brust, Assessor (847) 546-2146
Deputy, Jessica Bak (847) 546-2146

If you have questions regarding factual errors on your property contact: 

Edwin Vargas (Field Inspector) (847) 546-2146.  

If you have any questions regarding your exemptions: 

Martina Cortes (847) 546-2146.  


You can stop in the office during Office Hours: 

Monday – Thursday 8:30am- 4pm and Friday 8:30am – 2pm
Summer Hours (Memorial Day – Labor Day) Monday – Thursday 8:30am- 4pm and Friday 8:30am – Noon