Freedom of Information Requests

Avon Township is committed to transparency and providing the public with access to our records. Many of our records are available on our public Google Drive [open here in a new tab] and video of our meetings is available on our public YouTube Channel [open here in a new tab]. These systems are constantly being updated to provide as many records and documents as possible.

If you are unable to find the record you are looking for, you can make a FOIA request to Avon Township.

Request for Avon Township Public Records should be made to:

By Mail:

Avon Township
Attn: Marilyn Pacheco
433 E. Washington St.
Round Lake Park, IL 60073

By Fax:


By Email:

[email protected]

Please write or email with your name and the information you are seeking. The FOIA Office will only accept a FOIA request in writing. Verbal requests for documents will not be accepted or honored.

Schedule of Fees Notice

Section 6 of the Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140/6 [link]) grants a public body the authority to charge fees for commercial and voluminous requests. These fees apply only to commercial and voluminous requests and a waiver of fees may be requested. Avon Township is committed to minimizing fees charged for fulfilling FOIA requests.

Paper Copies

First 50 pages are free (black & white)
15 cents per page thereafter (black & white)
Actual costs of copying for color copies

Certified records can be provided for $1.00 each.

Electronic Records

If an electronic record currently exists, records will be provided free of charge.
Individual documents exceeding 25MB in size may be charged a fee for storage media to transfer files.

These fees MAY be charged in addition to any storage media fees.
If an electronic record does not exist in PDF format and the request exceeds 50 pages:
$1 per MB, not to exceed $100 in total
If an electronic record does exist in PDF format and the request exceeds 50 pages:
$0.25 per MB, not to exceed $100 in total

Search Fees If a search exceeds eight (8) hours in duration, a charge of $10.00 per hour of time after the first eight (8) hours.
*Electronic records can be requested and will be provided, as allowed under the law.
*Waiver of fees may be requested pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/ Freedom of Information Act. If you are unsure if your request qualifies for a waiver, please contact the FOIA Officer:
email: [email protected]¬†or phone: 847.546.1446