Our goal is to be the best stewards of your tax dollars.  Our budget process is detailed and transparent.  Input is solicited from all principals.  Each budget cycle we ask all department heads to look at every category and start with $0.00 regardless of what they received in previous years.   All Departments then justify every tax dollar they are requesting as we flush out a Budget.  Many of our discussions take place in our Committee of the Whole Meetings and the public is welcomed.

Transparency is another goal of ours.  We put our Budgets, Year -To-Date Expenditures, Annual Audit and Levies on this website for all to see. This link is your portal to local government finances.  Each year, the Comptrolller Office collects more than 9,200 financial reports from across the state.  This is an excellent resource for you to review Avon Township’s historical financial documents.